HAPPY BOOST™ utilizes an exclusive formula created by artificial intelligence, which resulted in the development of an extraordinary lens that enhances colors by up to 30% compared to what the human eye naturally perceives.




Designed to excel in an array of scenarios, HAPPY BOOST™ Bronze, featuring our Ice Blue Spectra Mirror, offers remarkable color and contrast enhancement, whether you're under intense sunlight or transitioning between open spaces and shaded areas, such as tree cover.



HAPPY BOOST™ showcases the brand's groundbreaking and patented HAPPY™ Lens Technology, which allows the beneficial blue light to enter, promoting an uplift in your mood and increased alertness. Stay happy!


Established in 1994 within the vibrant city of San Diego, SPY+ is deeply rooted in the fusion of cultures that define the essence of California's youth. The name SPY+ signifies the brand's pivotal role as ambassadors of this culture, and the iconic cross symbol and signature orange color are universally recognized symbols of positivity and uplifting vibes. As dedicated providers of top-tier eyewear, SPY Optics is unwavering in their commitment to continually enhancing the cultural landscape, as represented by these transformative tools that profoundly influence your perception of the world. The globally acclaimed Happy™ Lens Technology stands as the sole patented therapeutic lens in the market, not only enriching colors and contrast but also scientifically fine-tuned to elevate your mood and sharpen your alertness, delivering a visual experience unparalleled by any other.