Celebrity shades & style

What sunglasses are celebrities wearing?

Customers ask us this question all the time. Each celebrity has their own fashion style. A Kim Kardashian style of sunglasses is usually an oversized pair of aviator sunglasses, a Taylor Swift style of sunglasses is usually a colorful type of wayfarer style shades, and so on.

We find that celebrities mostly stick to the traditional shapes of sunglasses. Most celebrities will wear a pair of aviator or a square wayfarer sunglasses. The round shape or oversized has also been a celebrity favorite. No matter the style, it is rare to see a celebrity without a pair of sunglasses when they are out during the day and sometimes even night. This is because sunglasses are a fashion / style staple. Sunglasses can complete a basic look without trying too hard. They are the first thing people see and, most of all, the style of sunglasses you wear will say a lot about you.