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Ray Ban RB3044 Aviator Small Metal Sunglasses

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Arista | G-15 Green




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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
James Moore
Highly recommended!

who doesn't love aviator sunglasses? these are trendy and well made. They fit wonderfully and are totally comfortable.

Julia Mitchell
Perfect fit, finally!

These sunglasses are absolutely amazing and the aviator style design is classic and cool! Highly recommended!

Glad I went here

I was looking at buying these on Amazon, but the reviews were so sketchyyy! Like, it started out saying it was 4.5ish stars, but a ton of the one star customer reviews said the customers received fakes? And used/ previously-owned cases? Uh, NO THANKS. That would've pissed me off. Anyways. Apparently you can tell if these are real by seeing if the Ray-Ban logo will wipe right off the lenses (and some other tricks I found), and these are the real deal. So, yeah. That was long, but even if you don't buy from here, do NOT buy from Amazon. You're welcome.

Aleyna Warren

These feel awesome and they look very cool. They go with just about every single outfit, which is surprising to me because it's not like I wear that much green. The green lenses are perfect for me because they don't dull everything out like the black lenses versions.

Mindy Speas
Top Gun Level Awesome

I love this cool style and the quality is fantastic. They are the real deal!

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