Polarized Sunglasses

Experience enhanced visual clarity and reduced glare with our Polarized Sunglasses collection, featuring specialized lenses that block horizontal light waves, making them ideal for outdoor activities and ensuring optimal eye protection.

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Rubber Black | Blue Mirror Blue
2 Colors
From $37.99
Save 55%
Shiny Havana | Dark Brown - Polarized
Save 52%
Gold/Dark Chocolate Brown | Brown Gradient Polarized
From $52.99
Save 61%
Matte Black - Polarized
From $84.99
Save 84%
From $193.00
Save 33%
11 Matte Black | Green Mirror 580G
Save 33%
Black|Dark Grey Polar - Polarized
From $58.99
Save 70%
From $229.00
Save 33%
From $73.99
Save 67%
296 Shiny Gold | Green Mirror 580P
From $234.00
Shiny Grey | Mirror Black
From $37.99
Save 63%
109 Shiny Olive Tort On Black | Gray 580P - Polarized
From $171.00
Rubber Black | Polar Dark Grey - Polarized
From $52.91
Save 49%
Rubber Black | Dark Grey
2 Colors
From $33.99
Save 54%
00B Net Gray W/Blue Rubber | Grey 580G
From $104.50
Save 50%
Matte Black | Polar Grey - Polarized
From $45.99
Save 51%
Matte Black | Grey
From $38.00
Save 56%
Gold/Matte Black | Dark Grey
3 Colors
From $212.71
Save 62%
Matte Black | Gradient Grey
From $94.21
Matte Dark Gunmetal|Light Grey Mirror Black
From $58.00
Save 79%
Save 33%
11 Shiny Black | Blue Mirror 580G
From $136.50
Save 50%
0WR7 BLACK HAVANA | Grey Shaded
From $71.99
Save 69%
247 Matte Dark Gunmetal | Gray Silver Mirror 580P
From $256.00
Save 33%
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Enhance Your Vision and Protect Your Eyes with Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are a must-have accessory for anyone seeking optimal eye protection and enhanced visual clarity in bright outdoor environments. With their specialized lenses, polarized sunglasses from Costa, Oakley, MYKITA, and others effectively block horizontal glare, reducing eye strain and providing a more comfortable and enjoyable visual experience. Whether you're engaging in outdoor activities, driving, or simply relaxing under the sun, polarized sunglasses for men and women offer unparalleled protection and visual performance.

Crafted with precision and using advanced lens technology, these sunglasses offer a range of benefits. By filtering out glare from reflective surfaces such as water, snow, and roads, polarized sunglasses enhance contrast and depth perception, resulting in sharper and more vibrant vision. This makes them an ideal choice for activities like fishing, skiing, and driving, where precise vision is crucial. Polarized sunglasses provide great UV protection for driving, cyclinggolfing and more, shielding your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays that can contribute to eye damage and discomfort. With a variety of frame styles and lens colors available, you can find polarized sunglasses that not only provide exceptional functionality but also match your personal style and fashion preferences.

Whether you're spending a day at the beach, going on a hike, or simply strolling around town, polarized sunglasses provide the ultimate combination of eye protection and style. Experience the difference of polarized sunglasses and see the world with enhanced clarity, reduced glare, and a higher level of visual comfort. Don't compromise on eye health and visual performance – choose polarized sunglasses for a superior outdoor eyewear solution.

Polarized Sunglasses FAQ
What are polarized sunglasses?
Polarized sunglasses have a special filter that blocks intense reflected light, reducing glare and improving visibility. This helps to enhance visual clarity, reduce eye strain, and provide more comfortable and safer vision, especially in bright outdoor environments.
What does polarized mean?
Polarized refers to the alignment of light waves in a specific direction. In the context of sunglasses, polarized lenses are designed to selectively block horizontally polarized light, reducing glare and improving visual clarity.
Are polarized sunglasses better for your eyes?
They are, as long as you're using them under bright, sunny conditions.
Are polarized lenses worth it?
You know it! Costa, Oakley and MYKITA have some of the best options right now and you know we've got them on sale!
What are the best blue light blocking glasses?
We've got them in our Blue Light Glasses collection!