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Emporio Armani

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Emporio Armani Sunglasses Emporio Armani is a line by the esteemed Giorgio Armani that's more affordable than his Giorgio Armani and Armani Collezioni lines and a little more upscale than Armani Exchange. Emporio Armani is aimed at the demographic that's somewhat younger than the devotees of the classic Armani business suit. The line carries mens and women's ready-to-wear, accessories, watches, fragrance, and sunglasses. And, in a nice Italian/American twist, you can get your caffeine fix at Emporio Armani cafes in major cities worldwide. Some of the famous fans of Emporio Armani sunglasses include David Beckham, Jay-Z, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Beyonce. The sunglasses are pitch perfect for the people this line was aimed at: classy, but not staid; a little younger and more fun than the consumer of the more traditional big fashion labels like Dior, Chanel, and Giorgio Armani. The 9382/S is a great unisex style with a mono lens design in a modified aviator shape. The color schemes are a little different, too, making them that much more appealing to those who want great style with a difference. You can get the 9382/S in Ruthenium frames with Dark Avio Silver Mirror lenses that are a rich, gorgeous neutral blue, or you can get Brown frames with Orange gradient lenses - great for those with more tawny coloring. Guys will like the 9442, which is a trendy metal frame done in an angular take on a shape that's somewhere between rectangular and aviator. Men who want a more angular, masculine look will look great in the 9442. The metal frames are matte black, and the lenses are gray, and have a very small and subtle Emporio Armani logo at the top of the lens. I don't know if Beyonce has a pair of the 9344s, but if she doesn't, she should. This is a gorgeous, trendy feminine frame in a softened rectangular shape. What's so great about this style is that the frames are a rich, dark violet, and the lenses are a pink gradient that tone perfectly with the frames. This is a super flattering combo for a wide range of complexion types and is frankly just beautiful. The 9358 is another fun, young frame. I can easily imagine this style on someone like Katy Perry - it's pretty, but slightly irreverent and summer-perfect. It's a more rounded frame, and you can get it in a Brown frame with Brown gradient lenses or the rich Violet with Pink gradient lenses like the 9344. It also has the cut-out rhinestone Emporio Armani logo on the side pieces. The whole Emporio Armani line of sunglasses is exciting, trendy, and fun. Something tells me that these are the styles that everyone else will be imitating in the future, but you can get your hands on the originals right now!